Fuji Industrial Group

It was first founded in 1941, as Japan Mica Industrial Co. Ltd in Kawasaki City, Japan. In 1947, it changed its name to its present day name and in 1965, all factory facilities moved from Kawasaki to Sagamihara. In 1973, cooker hood production started.

Fuji Industrial then went on to become Japan's No. 1 cooker hood manufacturer, garnering over 60% of the domestic market share. Recognised within the industry for sleek designs and superior performance, Fuji Industrial also clinched several accolades for its kitchen masterpieces. Amongst them are the TPM Award of Excellence and Good Design Award.

Fuji Industrial has over 900 members in its organisation and has multiple international trading partners to support its goals. They include IKEA, LIXIL, Cleanup, TOTO, Panasonic, TOCLAS, Hitachi Appliances, NORITZ, TOYO Kitchen and Living, Nasluck, Belkitchen and EIDAI.

FUJIOH International

With the success of Fuji Industrial paving way for the inception of future subsidiaries, FUJIOH International Trading Pte Ltd was established in 1993 in Singapore. With links to its parent company that designs and manufactures high quality cooker hoods, the FUJIOH Oil Tech series was specially designed with oily Asian cooking in mind. The range of high performance and effective cooker hoods remove a remarkably high percentage of greasy fumes from the air and leaves your kitchen beautifully clean and grease-free. With their advanced technology, only FUJIOH cooker hoods have a Rectifier Panel that effectively captures greasy fumes from all directions rather than those that just drift upwards. Together with its removable Oil Tech filter, it retains the airborne oil and fat, which are then collected into an Oil Catch tray. Utilising the same technology as air-conditioners, it uses the quiet and energy-saving Sirocco fan that works effectively whilst you cook.

Major milestones

  • 1941: Japan Mica Industrial Co., Ltd founded (Kawasaki City)
  • 1947: Company name changed to Fuji Industrial CO., LTD.
  • 1962: Sagamihara factory open
  • 1965: All facilities moved from Kawasaki factory to Sagamihara factory.
  • 1973: Cooker hood production started.
  • 1974: Headquarter moved to Sagamihara.
  • 1980: BL (better living) approved
  • 1986: Technical building completion
  • 1987: New cooker hood factory completion
  • 1989: Shirakawa factory completion
  • 1992: Automatic warehouse completion
  • 1993: FUJIOH International Trading Pte Ltd founded in Singapore
  • 1994: Company dormitory and training centre completion
  • 1995: 2nd Technical Building completion and ISO-9001 approved
  • 1996: Shirakawa factory obtained ISO 9001 approved
  • 1995: TPM started (Sagamihara factory and Shirakawa factory)
  • 2000: TPM award for excellence
  • 2001: Fuji Industrial Group 60th Anniversary celebration
  • 2002: Ariafina founded with Elica S.p.A and ISO 14001 approved
  • 2003: Good Design award for 2 Ariafina models.
  • 2005: Ariafina Flagship showroom opened in Osaka, Japan
  • 2006: Ariafina & inno inno showroom in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan opened
  • 2006: Kobe showroom opened
  • 2008: Ariafina International business started
  • 2011: Fujioh Trading Shanghai founded
  • 2011: Fuji Industrial Group 70th Anniversary Celebration
  • 2013: 20th Anniversary Celebration of Fujioh International Trading Pte Ltd. Singapore



All specifications are based on stringent in-house test results conducted in Fuji Industrial Co., Ltd, Japan